Music and calling for barn dances and ceilidhs - based in the East Midlands for over 35 years
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The Navigation Band has been entertaining audiences for more than thirty years .

We play regularly for a wide range of events including weddings, birthdays, family celebrations, fundraisers, school, church, club and corporate events.

While most of our work covers our local counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, we also work in neighbouring counties and along the 'M1 corridor' (London to Leeds) and are happy to travel. Our most distant booking so far was in Rouen.


Our repertoire is broad, emcompassing traditional and modern English, Irish, Scottish, American and European tunes.

We have a wide range of set tunes to suit various popular British and American Dances.

Our style is on the rocky/jazzy side of folk, though we are always sensitive to the audience's preferences on volume level.

For dancing we play mainly reels, jigs, polkas, hornpipes, marches and waltzes, with more specialist tunes such as rants and schottisches when needed. We work closely with the caller so that the tunes we play help the dancers and add to the dance.

We also have specialist sets of music for particular dances e.g. Swedish Masquerade, Gay Gordons etc. and set tunes for American singing calls and traditional English dances.

We have tunes for background listening for those times when the audience are not yet ready to dance or simply need a few minutes' rest! These range from fast Irish jigs to slow, gentle airs and are chosen to be interesting to listen to and to fit the mood of the evening.



Thady You Gander (Hornpipe).mp3

Sweets of May 48 Jig.mp3

Sweets of May (48 Jig).mp3

MacPhersons Lament Scottish Reel.mp3

MacPherson’s Lament (Reel).mp3

South Wind Waltz.mp3

South Wind (Waltz).mp3